Do I need a login? How are tips done each week?

There is no login. Tippers will simply go to the main tipping page each week and there will be a new “submit tips” with the coming round, it requires tippers to enter their email/ name which we use to verify tips each week. If you have any issues with your tips you can hit the “issues with tips” button found on the main page.


When do tips need to be submitted by? 

Tips must be submitted by Thursday 5pm each week.


What if I miss a weekly tip? 

In the overall site ladder, members receive the away teams for any game that has not been tipped. 


Can people set up their own group in the footy tipping. Have their own group within to track the winner in their group? 

We can setup individual groups, please note a donation ($1 per person in the group) must be made to the RUN DIPG charity in order to open your own tipping competition with leader board and custom page.


How do I check my weekly results? 

Emails will go out each week Monday letting tippers know results are published online along with the new round tipping form, along with top 10 leader board. The full leader board on the website can be searched i.e. by name.


Any other questions? Let us know by clicking here