I would like to take this opportunity to tell you of my misfortune that could have been a financial disaster…

Claimant Savas

It was solved by a six dollar per week deduction, that’s tax deductible!

Whilst on a book off day, I fractured my foot at home. Having used most of my leave on other matters I was fortunate that only twenty two days prior, I had taken up an Income Protection Plan from WageCover Australia that my Union had brought to my attention.

I have a mortgage, my wife only works part time and I ride a motorcycle. As it turned out Wagecover was a blessing in disguise. Without Wagecover we would have been under financial pressure.

From the first phone call it was easy. The staff at Wagecover were extremely helpful and sincere. When they said they would ring me back in five, they actually did. Paperwork was minimal and benefits were truly 85% of my income. The fourteen day waiting period was covered by my sick leave.

I had six weeks to rest and recuperate without stressing about money. Thanks to Wagecover, I have peace of mind and know I’ll be well looked after in the future.

Once again, thank you to all the staff at Wagecover.

The tragic death of a Port Botany bus operator. Whilst on his day off Sarfraz went for a walk along Clovelly Beach with his son when a freak wave washed him off the rock platform into the ocean…

Extract from Rail & Road Magazine

By the time help could be obtained and a rescue mounted, he was in a coma, from which he never recovered. In this moment of a freak natural event, Sarfraz’s wife and children were left without the centrepiece of their family, a loving husband and father.

An added positive to the tragedy of the loss of Sarfraz was also to be found in his planning for what all would hope would never eventuate. Sarfraz took a Wagecover Income Protection Policy (developed in partnership between the RTBU and Wagecover for the RTBU members) to protect him and his family if ill fortune were to occur.

A Director of Wagecover, told Rail & Road how moved was to be able to deliver a lump sum cheque for the accidental death of Sarfraz to his wife, who was not aware of the accidental death benefit of the Wagecover policy. She was overwhelmed by the personal visit to deliver the cheque which she wasn’t expecting.

While no money can remove the pain or grief of the loss, the cheque would provide some welcome relief at a time when the family most needs it.

After 2 ½ years of cancer treatment I could not of been happier with the care that Wagecover gave me…

Claimant Marcel

To this day I tell people they are a fool if they are not covered with Wagecover.

I was looking at losing my house and all I had, Wagecover was my angel in disguise. Payments were always on time, I never had to stress with money at the worst time of my life.

The Wagecover staff were very professional with following up questions I had throughout this period. I could always rely on their friendship every time I picked up the phone.

I am very thankful to all the staff for getting me through this life threatening time.